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Windows and Doors Kitchener

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Window Replacement Kitchener

Is it time to modify your windows? If you restore or upgrade it, the type of window you select will alter your home’s unique design, view, improve sunlight, enhance ventilation and increase your energy efficiency. 

Just Windows and Doors works with Kitchener’s finest manufacturers and installers. Explore the different window styles available and choose a promotion from below. We will pair you with a local contractor who will be able to make a quote available to you.

  • Awning Windows

    Awning Windows in Kitchener

    This type of window is top-hinged and has a modern look. By keeping the hinge at the top, it helps homeowners to let in fresh air even when it is raining.

    One of the most energy efficient windows possible are the awning windows, as they close inward and form a tight seal with compression weather stripping.

  • Bay and Bow Windows

    Bow Window

    Bay and Bow Windows in Kitchener

    The bow and bay windows are the ideal choice if you are looking for a larger opening. What’s the difference between those two? 

    Typically, four or more windows that join together to form a curve are bow windows. If you are searching for an alternative where your window formation can open and close, this is the choice for you. 

    Bay windows, on the other hand, consist of 3 windows, such as a picture window, with the middle window locked. A combination of casement or double-hung windows are the other 2 sides, allowing the space to let fresh air in.

  • Casement Windows

    Casement Window

    Casement Windows in Kitchener

    Casement windows are hinged on the left or right side of the sash. Single-panel windows can be opened either inward or outward, while double-panel casement windows typically open inward. A well-designed casement window can seal securely when closed, decreasing air leakage. 

    A crank or lever should be opened in this type of window, with the option of placing it at either the bottom edge of the panel or the height of the hand.

  • Double Hung Windows

    Double Hung Windows

    Double Hung Windows in Kitchener

    A double hung window is a window that has two sashes that go up and down. The bottom slides up, and the top slides down, thus boosting the flow of air. 

    Usually, double hung windows have a simple window design that makes it simple for you to clean, since both sashes tilt in for easier access to the inner and outer surfaces of the glass.

  • Double Slider Windows

    Double Slider Window

    Double Slider Windows in Kitchener

    The most versatile sort of window is the double slider window. They have two sashes sliding from side to side, providing the flexibility to open both sashes simultaneously, providing full air circulation. 

    Double slider windows can be cleaned very quickly because the sashes can be pulled to give you access to the outside of the window. And when you are finished cleaning it, the sash can be pushed back into its place.

  • Single Hung Windows

    Single Hung Window

    Single Hung Windows in Kitchener

    With their classical appearance, single hung windows add traditional elegance and personality to your home. In these windows, two sashes are open, one top that is stationary and one bottom that can slide vertically. 

    Single hung windows are the perfect choice for homeowners who are trying to preserve their house’s architectural or historical integrity.

  • Single Slider Windows

    Single Slider

    Single Slider Windows in Kitchener

    These windows have a single slider that moves from one side to the other.These windows have one stationary window and one sliding window sash, to optimise the glass space for better ventilation. 

    Sliding windows are a great choice for enhancing ventilation in close and horizontal spaces in both classical and contemporary architecture.

Door Replacement Kitchener

Whether it’s to raise your curb appeal or to help keep your loved ones safe, your doors should work hard for you. Just Windows and Doors are working with Kitchener manufacturers and installers to ensure you get the best looking doors with the best available promotions. 

Let our contractors assist you in selecting the right door for your home. Our contractors can install entry doors, patio doors, garden doors, and storm doors. Book your quote!

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