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Windows and Doors Hamilton

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Window Replacement Hamilton

Is it time to update your windows? Whether you are fixing or upgrading, the type of window you choose can transform your home’s unique style, view, improve sunlight, increase ventilation and enhance your energy efficiency.

Just Windows and Doors works with the top manufacturers and installers in Hamilton. Explore the different styles of windows available and choose a promotion below. We will pair you with a local contractor that can provide you with a quote.

  • Awning Windows

    Awning Windows in Hamilton

    This window style is considered a contemporary look and is hinged at the top. By having the hinge at the top, it allows homeowners to let in fresh air regardless if it is raining or not.

    Awning windows are one the most energy-efficient windows available since they close inward and form a tight seal with compression weather stripping.

  • Bay and Bow Windows

    Bow Window

    Bay and Bow Windows in Hamilton

    Bow and bay windows are the best choice if you are looking for a larger opening than your normal options. What is the difference between the 2?

    Bow windows are usually four or more windows that join together to form a curve. If you are looking for an option where your multi-window formation has the ability to open and close, this is the option for you.

    Bay windows on the other hand consist of 3 windows with the middle window being fixed, such as a picture window. The other 2 sides are usually a combination of casement or double-hung, giving the opportunity to let in fresh air.

  • Casement Windows

    Casement Window

    Casement Windows in Hamilton

    Casement windows are hinged on either the left or right side of the sash. Single-panel casement windows can open either inwards or outwards, while double-panel casement windows usually open inwards. A well-designed casement window will seal tightly while closed, minimizing air leakage.

    This style of window requires a crank or lever to open, with the option of placing it either at the bottom edge of the window panel or at hand height.

  • Double Hung Windows

    Double Hung Windows

    Double Hung Windows in Hamilton

    A double hung window comes with two sashes that move up and down. The bottom inside sash slides up, and the top outside sash slides down, improving air flow.

    Double hung windows are typically a simple style of window to clean since both sashes tilt in for easy access to the inner and outer surfaces of the glass.

  • Double Slider Windows

    Double Slider Window

    Double Slider Windows in Hamilton

    Double slider windows are arguably the most versatile style of window. They feature two sashes that slide from side to side offering the flexibility to open both sashes simultaneously, providing maximum air ventilation.

    Double slider windows are very easy to clean as the sashes can be titled in giving you access to the exterior part of the window. Once you’re finished cleaning, the sash can be pushed back into place.

  • Single Hung Windows

    Single Hung Window

    Single Hung Windows in Hamilton

    With their classic look, single hung windows add traditional charm and character to your house. A single hung window consists of two sashes, a top one, which is stationary, and the bottom one, which is a vertical slider.

    Single hung windows is the top choice for homeowners looking to preserve the architectural or historical integrity of their home.

  • Single Slider Windows

    Single Slider

    Single Slider Windows in Hamilton

    Single slider windows operate along a track that allows the windows to move from side to side. They include one stationary window and one slidable window sash to maximize the glass area and for better ventilation.

    Seen in both classic and contemporary architecture, sliding windows are a great choice for improving airflow in tight, horizontal spaces.

Door Replacement Hamilton

Your doors should be working hard for you, whether it’s for curb appeal or to help keep your loved ones safe. Just Windows and Doors works with manufacturers and installers in Hamilton to ensure you get the best looking door with the best promotion available.

Let our contractors help you choose the right door for your home. Just Windows and Doors contractors install entry doors, patio doors, garden doors and storm doors. Book a quote today!

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