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  • How Do You Maintain Your Windows?

    How Do You Maintain Your Windows?0

    Home maintenance is important as a precautionary against damages that may be relatively expensive. However, a common mistake among homeowners is that they overlook the windows and doors. At most, they only give a cursory glance at the doors and as long as the windows are still clear, most people just remain unbothered.  While you

  • What Are The Factors That Impact Window Replacement?

    What Are The Factors That Impact Window Replacement?0

    Window replacement gives your home a fresh look and improved curb appeal. Replacing your windows and doors is a project with a high return on investment because it will enhance the value of your home. However, several factors determine the cost of the replacement project. You must know what goes into window replacement cost before

  • How to Prepare My Windows for Winter

    How to Prepare My Windows for Winter0

    With the winter around the corner, you need to prepare your windows to be able to withstand the cold and keep your indoor warm. Winter cold can hit your home hard if your windows and doors are drafty. As a result, you must fortify your windows correctly to be able to endure the harsh elements.

  • When Should House Windows be Replaced?

    When Should House Windows be Replaced?0

    Home renovation is usually focused on the furniture and their accessories but window replacement should also be a priority. Despite the beautifying aesthetic purpose, they serve, windows help you regulate your house temperature and shield you from the harsher degrees of the weather. However, due to the assumed familiarity with their presence, most people don’t

  • What to Know Before Buying Your First Home?0

    Are you moving out of your parents’ home for the first time? Are you looking to purchase a home after renting for years? Regardless of what your situation is, purchasing your first property is a big step.  Here are the 5 things to know before buying your first home: 1. Size of the Land Before

  • What Are the Most Common Home Repairs?

    What Are the Most Common Home Repairs?0

    Buying a house is more than just the down payment and monthly mortgage payment. You’ll have to consider common home repairs such as window replacement, door replacement, and more. It’s hard to predict when and how much these repairs will be, but it’s important to have an idea of what you should expect.  Here are